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Values for 55,500 riding mowers, lawn and garden tractors, walk-behind mowers, compact/utility tractors, golf cars, snow throwers, rotary tillers, chain saws, edgers and trimmers, blowers and chippers/shredders - now available online!  Subscribe now to see actual values instead of a key. With an online subscription you can build and save your inventory in one place, adjust values to meet your specs and even email or fax your inventory quote directly to your bank for loan approval. Click here for more information.

1671G Tri-King
1672D Tri-King
1684D Tri-King
1800D Tri-King
1800G Tri-King
1900D Tri-King
4300 4WD
60117 ST-5111 w/Cab
62228 GK IV Triplex
62229 GK IV Triplex
62249 GK IV Triplex
62250 GK IV Triplex
62257 GK IV Triplex
66013 C417D
66013 Turfcat C417D
66014 C420G
66014 Turfcat C420G
66127 T436G
66128 C318G
66130 Turfcat C318G
66131 Turfcat C322D
66132 T422D
66134 T422D 4WD
67733 T-K 1671G
67742 T-K 1671D
67742 T-K 1672D
67748 T-K 1684D
67760 LF-3810
67769 LF-3810 4WD
67770 LF-100
67776 LF-100 4WD
67785 LF-100
67786 LF-100 4WD
69113 ST-5111
69116 HR-5111
69116 HR-5111 4WD
69129 HR-5111 w/cab
69129 ST-5111 w/cab
69132 ST-5111
69132 ST-5111 4WD
69135 ST-5111 w/cab
70411 HF-15
70502 F-10
70521 HR-15
742105 JZT 1250
742211A 2180 ES
742212A 2260 ES
742221A JZT 2190
742222A JZT 2230
742223A JZT 2230
742227A JZT 2230 LC
742228A JZT 2230 LC
742233A JZT 2250
742280 Z-FastCut ES
742281 Z-FastCut ES
742282 Z-FastCut ES
AR 2500
AR 2500 Turbo
E-Plex II
E-Plex II Power Steer
Eclipse 322 3WD Battery
Eclipse 322 3WD Diesel Hybrid
Eclipse 322 3WD Gas Hybrid
Eclipse 322 Battery
Eclipse 322 Diesel Hybrid
Eclipse 322 Gas Hybrid
G-Plex II 2WD
G-Plex II 3WD
G-Plex III 2WD
G-Plex III 3WD
GP400 Diesel
GP400 Gas
Greens King Electric
Greens King IV
Greens King IV Plus
Greens King V 2WD
Greens King V 3WD
Greens King VI 2WD
Greens King VI 3WD
HR-15 Flail Mower
HR-15 Rotary Mower
HR-4600 Turbo 2WD
HR-4600 Turbo 4WD
HR-5111 w/cab
HR-6010 4WD
HR-9016 Turbo
HR-9016 Turbo w/Cab
HR-9016 Turbo w/ROPS
HR-9510 4WD
LF-123 4WD
LF-128 2WD
LF-128 4WD
LF-135 4WD
LF-2500 2WD
LF-2500 4WD
LF-3050 4WD
LF-3400 2WD
LF-3400 4WD
LF-3400 Turbo 4WD
LF-3407 2WD
LF-3407 4WD
LF-3800 2WD
LF-3800 4WD
LF-3800 Turbo 4WD
LF-3810 2WD
LF-3810 4WD
LF-4675 Turbo 4WD
LF-4677 Turbo 4WD
LF-510 2WD
LF-510 2WD w/ROPS
LF-510 4WD w/ROPS
LF-550 2WD
LF-550 4WD
LF-550 Turbo 4WD
LF-570 2WD
LF-570 4WD
LF-570 Turbo 4WD
R-311T 069177
R-311T 069178
R-5111 w/cab
RZT Pro 2550KW
RZT Pro 2750EFI
RZT Pro 2760EFI
RZT Pro 2760KW
RZT Pro 3172EFI
RZT Pro 3172KW
SLF-1880 2WD
SLF-1880 4WD
SLF-1880 Turbo 4WD
ST-5111 w/Cab
SZT 2548
SZT 2554
SZT 2648
SZT 2654
Turfcat 623D 2WD
Turfcat 628 2WD
Turfcat 628 2WD 60"
Turfcat 628 2WD 72"
Turfcat 628 4WD
Turfcat 628 4WD 60"
Turfcat 628 4WD 72"
Turfcat 628D 4WD
Turfcat C318G
Turfcat C417D
Turfcat C420G
Turfcat T422D
Turfcat T422D 4WD
Turfcat T423D
Turfcat T423D 2WD
Turfcat T423D 4WD
Turfcat T428D
Turfcat T428D 2WD
Turfcat T428D 4WD
Turfcat T436G
Turfcat T445G
Turfcat T523D 2WD
Turfcat T528D 2WD
Turfcat T528D 4WD
Turfcat T531G
Turfcat T535D 4WD
Utilimax 4280
Utilimax 4280 Turbo
ZT400 2248KW
ZT400 2454KW
ZT400 2460KW
ZT400 2548BR
ZT400 2560BR
ZT600 2248KW
ZT600 2454KW
ZT600 2460KW
ZT600 2548KOE
ZT600 2554KOE
ZT600 2560KOE
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