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Values for 55,500 riding mowers, lawn and garden tractors, walk-behind mowers, compact/utility tractors, golf cars, snow throwers, rotary tillers, chain saws, edgers and trimmers, blowers and chippers/shredders - now available online!  Subscribe now to see actual values instead of a key. With an online subscription you can build and save your inventory in one place, adjust values to meet your specs and even email or fax your inventory quote directly to your bank for loan approval. Click here for more information.

10271 Pro. Horse
12001 Mini Tiller
12056 Horse
12057 Horse
12057 Pro. Horse
12058 Pro. Horse
12059 Pro. Horse
12060 Tuffy
12068 Horse
12069 Horse
12070 Pro. Horse
12087 Std. Horse
12088 Std. Horse
12089 Horse
12089 Pro. Horse
12090 Horse
12090 Pro. Horse
12097 Tiller/Edger
12153 Big Red Horse
12155 Tuffy
12155 Versatiller
12168 Versatiller
12180 Bronco
12181 Pony
12182 Pony
12183 Pro-Line
12185 Econo Horse
12190 Tiller CRT
12191 Tiller CRT
12193 Tiller CRT
12194 Tiller CRT
12204 Big Red Horse
12208 Super Tuffy
12209 Bronco
12210 Super Bronco
12211 Pony
12212 Pony
12214 Tiller CRT
12216 Tiller/Edger
12217 Tuffy
15006 Junior
15008 Pony
15009 Pony
15010 Econo Horse
15011 Econo Horse
3 1/2 Junior
3 Tuffy
4 Junior
5 Pony
6 Econo Horse
7 Horse
7 Std. Horse
8 Pro.
8 Pro. Horse
Big Red
Big Red 21AE682L
Big Red A682L
Big Red Horse
Bronco 21A634F
Bronco A634F
Bronco Axis
Bronco CRT
Colt FT
Colt FT XP
Cultivator 21AT144R
Cultivator A144R
Cultivator TB144
Econo Horse
H-60 Horse
H-61 Horse
H-61 Horse Pro.
H-70 Horse
H-70 Horse Pro.
H-80 Horse
H-80 Horse Pro.
H-81 Horse
H-81 Horse Pro.
Horse 21A682J
Horse A682J
Horse ES 21AE686N
J-92 Junior
P-93 Pony
P-94 Pony
Pony 21A664D
Pony A664D
Pony ES
Pony ES 21AE666M
Pony Honda 21A665B
Pro-Line A-665B
Pro-Line C 21A675B
Pro-Line CRT
Pro-Line CRT 21A644H
Pro-Line CRT 21A675B
Pro-Line FRT
Pro-Line FRT 21A644H
Pro-Line FRT 21A675B
Pro-Line H 21A645A
Pro-Line IP 21A644H
Pro. Horse
Speedy Hoe
Std. Horse
Super Bronco 21A634A
Super Bronco 21A634B
Super Bronco A634B
Super Bronco CRT
Super Bronco CRT 21A644A
TB144 Cultivator
TB144EC Cultivator
TB146EC Cultivator
TB154 Cultivator
TB154E Cultivator
TB225EC Cultivator
TBC57 Cultivator
Tiller/Edger 21A128T
Tiller/Edger 21AT144R
Tiller/Edger A148H
Tuffy 21A630C
Tuffy 21A630C766
Tuffy A630B
Tuffy CRT
Tuffy CRT 21A640C
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