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Values for 55,500 riding mowers, lawn and garden tractors, walk-behind mowers, compact/utility tractors, golf cars, snow throwers, rotary tillers, chain saws, edgers and trimmers, blowers and chippers/shredders - now available online!  Subscribe now to see actual values instead of a key. With an online subscription you can build and save your inventory in one place, adjust values to meet your specs and even email or fax your inventory quote directly to your bank for loan approval. Click here for more information.

Carryall 1 Electric
Carryall 1 Gas
Carryall 100 Electric
Carryall 100 Gas
Carryall 1500 4x4 Diesel
Carryall 1500 4x4 Electric
Carryall 1500 Gas
Carryall 1500 IntelliTach 4x4 Diesel
Carryall 1700 4x4 Diesel
Carryall 1700 4x4 Gas
Carryall 2 Electric
Carryall 2 Gas
Carryall 2 Plus Gas
Carryall 232 Electric
Carryall 232 Gas
Carryall 252
Carryall 272
Carryall 294 Diesel
Carryall 294 Gas
Carryall 300 Electric
Carryall 300 Gas
Carryall 300 Turf Electric
Carryall 300 Turf Gas
Carryall 472
Carryall 472 Gas
Carryall 500 Electric
Carryall 500 Gas
Carryall 500 Turf Electric
Carryall 500 Turf Gas
Carryall 550 Electric
Carryall 550 Gas
Carryall 550 Turf Electric
Carryall 550 Turf Gas
Carryall 6 Electric
Carryall 6 Gas
Carryall 700 Electric
Carryall 700 Gas
Carryall 700 Turf Electric
Carryall 700 Turf Gas
Carryall I Electric
Carryall I Gas
Carryall I Pickup
Carryall II Electric
Carryall II Flatbed
Carryall II Gas
Carryall II Plus
Carryall Turf I Electric
Carryall Turf I Gas
Carryall Turf II Electric
Carryall Turf II Gas
Carryall Turf VI Electric
Carryall Turf VI Gas
Carryall VI
Carryall VI Electric
Carryall VI Flatbed
Carryall VI XL Electric
Carryall VI XL Gas
DS Electric
DS Gas
Precedent 4Fun Electric
Precedent Electric
Precedent Gas
Precedent Gasoline
Precedent Signature Electric
Precedent Signature Gas
Precedent Signature Gasoline
Precedent Stretch PTV
Precedent i2 Electric
Precedent i2 Gas
Precedent i2 Gasoline
Precedent i2 Signature Electric
Precedent i2 Signature Gas
Precedent i2 Villager 4 Signature
Precedent i2L Electric
Precedent i2L Gas
Precedent i3 Electric
Precedent i3 Gas
Resort Villager Elec.
Resort Villager Electric
Resort Villager Gas
Resort Villager XL Elec.
Resort Villager XL Electric
Resort Villager XL Gas
Tourall Electric
Tourall Gasoline
Trans-Porter Elect.
Trans-Porter Electric
Trans-Porter Gas
Trans-Porter XL Elect.
Trans-Porter XL Electric
Trans-Porter XL Gas
Trans-Sender Elec.
Trans-Sender Electric
Trans-Sender Gas
Trans-Sender XL Elec.
Trans-Sender XL Elecric
Trans-Sender XL Electric
Trans-Sender XL Gas
TransPorter 4
TransPorter 4 Electric
TransPorter 4 Gas
TransPorter 6
TransPorter 6 Electric
TransPorter 6 Gas
Turf 252
Turf 272
Turf I
Turf I Electric
Turf I Gas
Turf II
Turf II Electric
Turf II Gas
Turf VI
Villager 4
Villager 4 Electric
Villager 4 Gas
Villager 6
Villager 6 Electric
Villager 6 Electrric
Villager 6 Gas
Villager 6 Gs
Villager 8
Villager 8 Electric
Villager 8 Gas
Villager LSV 2+2
XRT 1200
XRT 1200 SE
XRT 1500 Diesel
XRT 1500 Gas
XRT 1550
XRT 1550 4x4
XRT 1550 Diesel
XRT 1550SE
XRT 1550SE 4x4
XRT 1550SE Gas
XRT 800
XRT 800 Electric
XRT 810
XRT 810 Electric
XRT 900
XRT 950
XRT 950 EX 4x4
XRT1550 4x4 Diesel
XRT1550 4x4 Gas
XRT1550 IntelliTach 4x4 Diesel
XRT1550 SE 4x4 Diesel
XRT1550 SE 4x4 Gas
XRT800 Gas
XRT850 Elecric
XRT850 Gas
XRT900 Gas
XRT950 4x4 Gas
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